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All Hallows is the twice-yearly journal of The Ghost Story Society. This substantial publication, which is now 300 pages per issue, is edited by Barbara and Christopher Roden.

Each issue of the journal offers a mixture of items dealing with all aspects of the ghost story world. In addition to articles dealing with authors such as M. R. James, E. F. Benson, Amyas Northcote, Eleanor Scott, Elizabeth Jane Howard, H. G. Wells, August Derleth, Robert Aickman, Walter de la Mare, and other practitioners of the genre, there is a substantial review section dealing with new publications in the field; a News and Notes section covering new developments in the genre; a Film News and Notes section; articles about obscure and/or overlooked authors; Haunted Cinema, a regular feature looking at classic supernatural films; 'Ramsey Campbell, Probably'; and letters and queries from our members.

All Hallows is also the Society's major forum for new supernatural fiction, with an average of seven stories appearing in each issue. These are all new stories—not reprints of previously used material—by authors such as Simon Clark, A. F. Kidd, Terry Lamsley, Steve Rasnic Tem, Ron Weighell, Steve Duffy, Don Tumasonis, Paul Finch, Christopher Harman, Simon Bestwick, and John Whitbourn. An indication of the quality of the stories selected for inclusion in All Hallows can be measured by the fact that several have, in recent years, been selected for inclusion in genre anthologies; and many have received an Honourable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror volumes edited by Ellen Datlow and others.

Barbara and Christopher Roden, who edit All Hallows, have for many years edited ACD: The Journal of The Arthur Conan Doyle Society. They have also published more than one hundred and fifty books under their two imprints: Ash-Tree Press, which specializes in classic supernatural fiction, and Calabash Press, which publishes books relating to Sherlock Holmes and his creator

All Hallows maintains a consistently high standard, both in content and appearance: Ellen Datlow, in her Introduction to The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 10, wrote that All Hallows 'is a must for aficionados of the classic ghost story'.

Contributions—both fiction and non-fiction—are encouraged from members and non-members alike. Anyone wishing to contribute non-fiction is asked to discuss the proposed topic with the editors before submitting material, to avoid duplicating work that has been done or which is in progress. Those wishing to contribute fiction should read our Fiction Guidelines.


News and Notes; Film News and Notes; The Haunted Post-Bag; 'My Most Treasured Book' by David G. Rowlands; 'Soft Voices at Passenham: The Ghost Story as Cultural Catharsis' by Nigel Robert Wilson; All Hallows Talks With Dan Simmons; 'A Most Uncanny Thing: The Inspiration for "Thurnley Abbey" by Scott Connors; 'Religion, Evil, and Obsession in the Ghostly Stories of Henry James' by Reggie Oliver; 'Lost in the Dark: On Robert Aickman's "The Hospice"' by Philip Challinor; 'Miss Edwards and Her Phantom Coach' by Tim Foley; Notes on Lost and Forgotten Writers by Douglas A. Anderson; All Hallows Talks with Stephen Volk; 'Diary of a Recording Session' by Reggie Oliver; Dead by Dawn 2007 by Douglas Campbell; Ramsey Campbell, Probably; Haunted Cinema 35: The Queen of Spades.

Fiction: The Gallows Grave by Richard Tyndall; Revenant by Robert Connolly; Obligation by Tracy L. Carbone; Jinx 10-57 by John Hargan; The Upper Reaches by Rhys Hughes; Down Time by Marc Lecard; The Bigger World by J. J. Travis; Full Circle by Erik Hauser; Rubber Soul by E. Michael Lewis; Dead and Buried by Suzan Tessier; A Child is a Woman's . . . by Terry Grimwood; Eventide by Graham Andrews; Self Catering by Helen Grant; Border Crossing by David Mills; Cycling by Corinna Sara Bechko; Lightning Rod by Tom English; The Cauldron by Marti Maltby; Second Sight by Jane Watson; Black Grass by Frances Hardinge; The Reflection by S. D. Tullis; Purty Little Dears by Jacqueline Simpson; The Perambulator by Susan Davis; Where Your Treasure Is by John Alfred Taylor.

Reviews: The Ash-Tree Press Annual Macabre 2005; The Devil You Know by Mike Carey; Vicious Circle by Mike Carey; The Elemental: Tales of the Supernormal and the Inexplicable by Ulric Daubeny; Ape's-Face by Marion Fox; The Undying Monster by Jessie Douglas Kerruish; Rough Cut by Gary McMahon; The Man From the Diogenes Club by Kim Newman; The Surgeon of Souls by Victor Rousseau; The Terror by Dan Simmons; Stranger: Dark Tales of Eerie Encounters edited by Michele Slung. Reviews in Brief: On the Apparitions at Gray's Court by Peter Bell.

Obituary: Curtis Harrington.

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