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ALL HALLOWS was an International Horror Guild Award Winner in 2003
ALL HALLOWS was a World Fantasy Award Nominee for 2005

All Hallows: Stories published (alphabetically by author)

Artists Key:
JE: Jason Eckhardt
DG: Dallas Goffin
AH: Alan Hunter
CK: Chico Kidd
AK: Allen Koszowski
CPL: Colin P. Langeveld
PL: Paul Lowe
NM: Nick Maloret
IM: Iain Maynard
DM-N: Deborah McMillion-Nering
RS: Rob Suggs
PW: Pat Walsh
DW: Douglas Walters
NI: Not illustrated

Abbott, Stephanie
Haunted 40

Ackland, Mi
Midsummer Night II 42

Acord, David J.
The Dispatcher 40

Albrecht, Aaron
Ye Olde Video Shoppe 34 AK
Accursed 37 DW
The Evening Wolves 39
Medicine Business 42

Alexander, Doreen
Broken Doll 10 NM

Ames, Brian
Several Appearances of Stuart 25 NM

Anderson, Gail-Nina
The Chapel of St Thomas 41

Andrews, Graham
Eventide 43

Basu, Anjana
The Feet on the Roof 33 DW

Bechko, Corinna Sara
Cycling 43

Belfield, Jane
A Two OíClock Appointment 36 AH

Bell, Peter
Millennium Ball 31 AK
Resurrection 41

Bennett, Nancy
Johnís Tale 19 DG

Benz, Stephen
La Mendiga 41

Bestwick, Simon
Final Notice 29 AH
Close the Door, Put Out the Light 31 AH
Love Knot 34 DG

Board, Joan

The Hurrying Woman 24 DM-N

Bryan, Eric
The íbility 39

Burt, Steve
Garden Plot 8 DG
Uncle Bandoís Chimes 12 DG
Captain Jamesís Bones 25 DW

Cain, Richard
The Etruscan Principle 38

Calverley, Ros
Out of Print 5 CPL

Campton, David
Do There Embrace 5 CPL

Carbone, Tracy L.
Obligation 43

Chapman, Douglas M.
Deadheading 42

Charlton, William
The Straw-Man 30 DM-N

Chavert, I. L.
The Lumber Room 3 CPL

Chislett, Michael
Goodmanís Tenants 10 DG
Let Down Your Hair 16 DW
Out of the Woods 23 JE

Chismar, Darwin
Consolation 36 AK

Clark, Simon
The Old Man at the Gate 9 NM

Clibborn, Benedict
Hope End 39

Coady, Peter
Remembrance Day 42

Colby, Jane
The Guide 10 PW

Coleman, Keith
His Fatherís Son 18 DG

Connelly, Robert
Revenant 43

Cooper, James
A London Particular 42

Copley, Noah
End's Beginning 40

Crofts, Terry
The Phantom Hangman 11 DW
The Legend of Flannan Isle 19 AH

Currier, Jameson
The Woman in the Window 42

Davis, Susan
The Last to Leave 21 PL
Holiday Spirit 25 DM-N
The Centipede 33 DM-N
The Perambulator 43

Dawson, Sam
Inside, Out 42

Day, Brian
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 41

Dhiman, Kuldip
The Sound of Death 15 DW
The Man Who Came Back 22 NM

Dikeman, Kris
Smilodon 40

Dillon, Mark
Who Would Remain? 40

Dirda, Michael
Dukedom Large Enough 37 PL

Doig, James
Out of the West 24 DW
We Can Go Now 26 DG
The Game 32 DM-N

Douglas, Kay
Lock 27 26 DM-N

Duffy, Steve
Out of the Dunes 17 DW

Dumitru, David
Oak 42

Elwork, Paul
The Riders and the Shadow Man 39

English, Tom
Lightning Rod 43

Ezzo, Joseph A.
Izanami in Copper 34 PL

Faulkner, Ian
Emmy 28 PL
Grandpa Billy 32 PL
None So Blind 38

Ferguson, Andrew
Shades of Burke and Hare . . . 19 DW

Finch, Paul
The Chasm 10 DW
Wrong Time, Wrong Place 13 DG
The Forgiven 17 PL
The Hiding Place 20 PL
The Iron Way of Death 23 PL
The Punch and Judy Man 24 PL
Connie 26 PL
April 35 PL

Fletcher, Kay
Next to Godliness 40

Foley, Tim
Galenís Closet 33 JE
On the Pier at Midnight 39

Franklin, Aaron
All Burnt to Ashes 26 DW

Franklin, Bob
The Snow Globe 40

Fry, Gary
The Indelible Strain of Company 42

Gallant, John
Tale for a Christmas Eve 40
High Jumpers 42

Gallivan, Kevin J. J.
Mrs Courcyís Folly 30 NM

Gaston, Bill
Long Flight Home 18 AH

Gedge, Sue
Never Speak Ill of the Dead 38

Golaski, Adam
Back Home 32 AK

Goossens, Darren
The Roar of the Rain 34 JE

Gothorp, Mike
The Weeping Elm 5 CPL

Grant, Helen
Naythair Dhubh 39
Self Catering 43

Grassly, M. C.
Within a Mile of an Oak

Grimwood, Terry
A Child Is A Woman's . . .  43

Guilbeau, Kay
Skating by Moonlight 35 DM-N

Haack, Chris
The Guitar Man 42

Handy, Lowell K.
East Passage 38

Harding, Ian
The Moonshot Goodnight 42

Hardinge, Frances
Black Grass 43

Hargan, John
Jinx 10Ė57

Harman, Christopher
Passengers 6 DG
In the Fields 14 DW
Come to Dust 30 DG
Hill Shadows 40

Hauser, Erik
Nightwalk 13 DW
The One Who Stayed Behind 20 DG
The Intruder 22 PL
Full Circle 43

Haynes, Katherine
Yet Another School Story 21 RS
The Joiners Feast 30 AH

Henderson, Mark P.
Rome Will Rise Again 32 DG
De Profundis 36 JE

Higgs, Robert
The Vault 40

Holland, Richard
Dust to Dust 13 NM

Hope, Grahame
Mr Wilmotís Experiences 1 AH

Hughes, Rhys
Fallow 10 AH
Ten Grim Bottles 13 AH
The Lover and the Grave 17 AH
The Upper Reaches 43

Hunt, Andrew
The Overlanders 28 DM-N

Jackson, Lee
A is for The Angel 34 DW
Full House 39

Jakeman, Jane
The River 18 DM-N
The Barzakh 21 NM

Johnson, Roger
The Souvenir 6 AH

Johnson, Scott A.
The Girl Next Door 42

Joz, Unkle
Dead Manís Hand 31 DG

Katz, David Evans
The Attic 37 IM
Forbidden Waters 40
Sent to Coventry 42

Kelly, Daniel
Let Nothing You Dismay 28 AH
The Monkey Man 32 AH

Kelly, Michael and C. S. Fuqua
The Simple Sound of Dead Trees Singing 42

Kennett, Rick
Bottle Green Dreams 8 AH
Coming Home 38

Kidd, Chico
The Witchís Room 7 CK

King, Noel
Jim's Place 40

Knight, Jesse F.
The Flaw 20 AH
Faces 23 RS
A Ghost for Lockmoor Manor 26 NM
A Perfect Tree 42

Koenen, Mike
768-2003 33 AK

Kowalcyzk, Alec
Remains 36 PW

Lamsley, Terry
Someone to Dump On 8 NM

Law, David
Road Trip 30 AK

Lear, Alan W
. . . . Saith the Preacher . . . 3 CPL

Lecard, Marc
Stuff 38
Down Time 43

Leslie, Scott
Phantom 25 DG

Lewis, E. Michael
Tomorrow Night 37 DG
Rubber Soul 43

Light, John
Out of the Mist 18 RS

Lindy, Robin
The Blue Room 40

Lister, Sarah
The Shimmering 39

Locascio, Phil
The Next Mr Middleton 29 JE
Sundown in Yellow Scar 32 JE
Vigil 36 DM-N

Lodi, Edward
The Greyness of Ghosts 42

Longhorn, David
Last Writes 16 AH

Lovell, Tony
Figures 42

Lovitt, Elaine
Wire Down 38

Luzzatto, Kfir
Going to Marlborough 36 RS

MacCulloch, Simon
Fog 19 RS

Mackay, Colin
Money 12 PW
Kresny 16 PL
The Lena Flows Down to the Arctic Sea 18 PL
The Tanks 22 DG
Naphtali 27 DM-N

Malin, Peter
In the Machine 12 AH

Maltby, Marti
The Rampart Canticle 32 DW
The Cauldron 43

Maudlin, D. J.
The Final Release 11 DM-N

McConchie, Lynn
Lovers All Awry 2 CPL

McCormac, Philip
The Crypt of the Innocents 34 DM-N

McDonald, Keris
Magic Lantern 26 AH

McFarlane, Kevin
Papaís Plan 35 JE

McMahon, Gary
The Sand King 42

McVey, David
The Fetcher 35 DW

Meikle, William
Dancers 7 DG
Flower of Scotland 11 AH
Strange Case of Dr McIntyre 19 NM

Miller, Ash
The Unwelcome Guest 29 AH
The Family 38

Mills, David
Grey Zone 35 AH
Border Crossing 43

Monette, Sarah
Bringing Helena Back 35 AK
Drowning Palmer 41

Monteiro, Antůnio
Misguided Love 22 DM-N

Moon, Lilith
Nevermore 14 DM-N

Morrish, Robert
Ackermanís Fate 33 AH

Newman, David A. H.
Ghost Past Imperfect 41

Nicholls, Mark
What Comes in Threes? 17 DG
In Eastern Waters 22 DW
Patience 24 DG
Iíll Deal With You Later 30 JE
And Their Old Men Shall Dream Dreams 32 NM
Man In 39
A Family Communion 41

Noecker, Shane
Between the Lines 27 IM

Norman, Guy
Being a True History of Recent Events 23 DG

O'Connor, Michael
Shadow of a Summer 39

Oldknow, Antony
The Dambustersí March 27 AH
The Gollies 36 DG

Oliver, Frances
The Visitorsí Book 15 PL
The Married Man 20 DM-N
The Black Mare Midnight 25 PL

Oliver, Reggie
Magus Zoroaster 38

Paul, Chris
Third Floor 13 PL

Pearce, Edward
Calyn 39
What Happened in Westholme Woods? 41

Perry, Veronica
Waiting for Louis 40

Philip, Neil
Grand Designs 35 DG

Pink, Colin
Meredith, The Painter 29 DW

Probert, John L.
Between the Pipes 42

Pulker, Donald
The Willow Path 42

Rath, Tina
A Visit to Blastings Manor! 1 NI
Work Experience 11 NM
Candlemagic 14 NM
Rubies and Diamonds 16 DG
James 18 DW
The Pied Piper of Milltown 25 AH
Mr Polkington 37 PL

Read, William I. I.
The Montague Fragment 6 NM
The Dentures of Count Usher 16 NM

Read, Bill and Jane
According to Art 39

Renner, Cooper
The Retablo 22 JE

Rigney, Mark
The Experts 40

Rodd, David
Box Number 17 NM

Roden, Barbara
Dead Manís Pears 7 PW

Rowan, Iain
The Marsh 37 AH

Rowlands, David
Not Worth a Hum? 25 PW

Russell, R. B.
The Reverend Douglas Delves 4 NI

Rutherford, Derek
The Making of Mark 20 JE

Sahu, Cathy
Honey 26 DG

Salmonson, Jessica A.
Skeleton 14 DG

Sawyer, Andy
Lieutenant Cables 1 NI
Poor Ivan 3 NI
Drums in the Night 4 AH
Sharing the Stage With Someone 11 DG

Seitz, Hunter
That Which Awaiteth Him 17 RS
Last Child of the Day 21 JE
The Girl on the Balcony 24 AH
The Auction 28 DG
Please Donít Tear Down St Jerome 31 JE
Final Intermission 37 AK

Shaw, Paul
Beneath the Hood 35 IM

Shtogryn, David
A Hole in One 37 PW

Silcox, Mark
Only One Game 42

Simpson, Jacqueline
Vampire Viking Queen 27 PL
Dragon Path 30 DW
Purty Liddle Dears 43

Sinclair, Peter J.
Ashes to Ashes 9 DW
Dartmoor Bridge 12 DW

Smith, Muriel
The Tin Hut 14 PL

Solomon, Mike
Alice Blue Gown 39

Stewart, Don
The Rest-House 40

Strantzas, Simon
A Chorus of Yesterdays 39
Something New 42

Suggs, Rob
The Cherokee Rose 25 RS

Taylor, John Alfred
Where Your Treasure Is 43

Tem, Steve Rasnic
The Dancers in the Leaves 2 NI
Presage 8 PW

Tessier, Suzan
Dead and Buried 43

Thompson, Philip
Father to Son 27 NM

Travis, J. J.
The Dark Inside 36 IM
The Bigger World 43

Travis, John
Venetian Paperweight 23 NM
Networking 29 IM
The Flit 34 IM

Tullis, S. D.
The Reflection 43

Tumasonis, Don
The Wretched Thicket of Thorn 29 PL

Tyndall, Richard
The Gallows Grave 43

Tyrrell, Patricia
In the Maritime Museum 20 DW

Unerman, Sandra
The History Lesson 15 DG

Vincent, Bev
Unknown Soldier 36 PL

Volk, Stephen
Anamorph of Hans Baldung Grien 21 DW
The Fall Children 26 PW
A Pair of Pince-Nez 29 DG
Sleepless Nights 33 DG
A Whisper to a Grey 41

Wadehra, Randeep
The Encounter 31 PL

Waggoner, Tim
Ghost in the Graveyard 24 DG

Walden, Megan
Courtlands for Christmas 28 AH
Tiger Eyes 31 DM-N
Itís the Thought That Counts 33 PL

Wallace, Elsa
The Amelie Boys 38

Waller, Nicholas
Liberator 35 PL

Walsh, Jane
State of the Art 28 NM
The Third Orange 31 NM

Walsh, Pat
The Martinmas Pilgrim 9 PW
The Rune Stone 15 PW
Midwinter Mass 21 PW
The Pumpkin Field 28 PW

Warburton, Geoffrey
Squire Mompesson 18 DW
Merry Roderick 23 DW
The Maze 27 DW
The Wainwright Glass 41

Ward, Clive
Caveat Emptor 9 DG
End of the Line 19 PL
The Return 30 PL

Watson, Jane
Celestine 37 DM-N
Second Sight 43

Weekes, Carol
The House That James Built 33 NI

Weighell, Ron
Lock Fast the Lock 2 AH
The Boat Called Millions of Years 3 AH
The Ghosting From Channel 19 9 AH

Weston, David
Miss Hedgethorn 12 PL

Whitbourn, John
Every Little Breeze . . . 2 NI
Fall of a Dictator 4 CPL
Walk This Way 7 AH
Ingratitude 15 AH
Culloden 2 23 AH

Williams, David
Girl With Cat 36 DW

Wilson, Nigel
Between Lammas and Midsummer 28 DW

Wilson, Peter
Browchon 27 DG

Wood, Peter H.
Maryís Desk 8 DG
Loschilders Wood 30 DM-N
The Cloud People 34 AH
The Labyrinth 40

Wretlind, Benjamin X.
The Bridge 41

Wright, Brian
Haunted House 41

Zwiker, Jason A.
Fairest 38

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