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ALL HALLOWS was an International Horror Guild Award Winner in 2003
ALL HALLOWS was a World Fantasy Award Nominee in 2005

The Ghost Story Society and its journal, All Hallows, welcome fiction submissions from members and non-members alike. However, many of the stories sent to us for consideration are inappropriate for our publication and readership. In order to ensure that you do not waste your time and money send us stories which are unsuitable, we suggest you read the following guidelines carefully.

1. It should be pointed out that we are the Ghost Story Society, and the stories we publish are strictly fiction; we do not publish accounts of 'true' ghosts or hauntings (although fiction submissions may, of course, be based on accounts of true ghosts or on personal experience).

2. Stories should be in the style of the classic supernatural tale, as written by such practitioners as M. R. James, H. R. Wakefield, E. F. Benson, Algernon Blackwood, Walter de la Mare, and Robert Aickman. This means no overt horror, no overly gruesome effects, and no blatant sex or violence. The emphasis should be on atmosphere and suggestion. If you are unsure of what constitutes a classic supernatural story, please read some of the works by one or more of the above-named authors.

3. Stories can be set in any time period, and need not have a pre-World War II setting. They can also be set in any country or area, and the supernatural being (or beings) can take almost any form. Humorous supernatural tales will be considered, although they are notoriously difficult to pull of successfully. We neither publish nor consider poetry. Stories must be previously unpublished. We are not interested in reading material that has previously been made available on the Internet. Please do not submit your work to All Hallows if, at the same time, you are also submitting it elsewhere.

4. Members of the Ghost Story Society have, between them, read thousands of ghost stories, and are fairly sophisticated when it comes to the genre; so avoid anything that it trite or a cliché unless you have a new twist or spin to put on it. We unfortunately have to reject many otherwise well-written stories because they are utterly predictable.

5. Stories can be anywhere from 1,000 to 12,000 words, and should be typed, double-spaced on A4 or Letter paper. Electronic (e-mail) submissions are encouraged, with files as attachments in Word format. If, however, you send the message in the e-mail body, please ensure that a double space is used at the end of paragraphs. E-mail submissions should be sent to

6. In common with most small societies, the Ghost Story Society is run exclusively by volunteers, and it is not in a position to pay for any submissions or artwork used, other than by way of contributor's copies, three of which are sent upon publication of the relevant issue of All Hallows.

7. No stories submitted by mail will be returned, unless an addressed envelope with either return postage (within Canada) or a sufficient number of International Reply Coupons (Rest of World) is enclosed. If you are submitting your story by e-mail, or are happy to receive your reply by e-mail, this does not, of course, apply.

If you would like further information about the Society and/or its guidelines, or would like to discuss a potential submission, please feel free to write, phone, fax, or e-mail us:
The Ghost Story Society
P.O. Box 1360, Ashcroft,
British Columbia, Canada V0K 1A0
Tel: (250) 453-2045; Fax: (250) 453-2075

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