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A brilliant homage, and a must for all fans of
P. G. Wodehouse, H. P. Lovecraft, and Arthur Conan Doyle

by P. H. Cannon

'SCREAM FOR JEEVES kindly hands Yog-Sothothery that touch of snoot it's been totally lacking for far too long.' —Gahan Wilson

P. G. Wodehouse and H. P. Lovecraft never crossed paths in their lifetimes, and yet in some ideal realm of the spirit these two geniuses—one of humour, one of horror—might have pooled their pens to produce such tales as:

'Cats, Rats, and Bertie Wooster', in which the intepid Jeeves and his master leave London for Anchester in order to investigate the spectral doings at Exham Priory.

'Something Foetid', in which the pair, during a New York sojourn, find themselves involved with a reclusive Spanish doctor with a fondness for cool air.

'The Rummy Affair of Young Charlie', in which they go to Paris on Aunt Agatha's orders to keep an eye on that oddball antiquarian scholar, Charles Dexter Ward.

Since both authors admired Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, it comes as no surprise that in this last episode Bertie and Jeeves resort to enlisting the aid of one 'Mr Altamont, of Chicago', and subtle Sherlockian references are scattered throughout the three tales.

Rounding out the volume is a lengthy commentary, 'The Adventure of the Three Anglo-American Authors: Some Reflections on Conan Doyle, P. G. Wodehouse, and H. P. Lovecraft'.

What P. D. Q. Bach has done for classical music, what Roy Lichtenstein has done for modern painting, P. H. Cannon has done for Lovecraft and Wodehouse and Conan Doyle (and others) in this affectionate literary spoof.

Scream For Jeeves

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