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The Arthur Conan Doyle Internet Discussion Group

The Arthur Conan Doyle Society is pleased to make the facilities of an Internet Discussion Group available both to members and non-members.

The Group does not replace, or compete with, other similar discussion groups; but offers a forum for educated discussion of all aspects of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: his life, works, associates, and characters. In particular the group welcomes an open discussion of ACD's Sherlockian literature, and the writings which have grown out of that literature.

The Group has a closed membership, in that prospective members may only be subscribed following approval of a subscription request. To apply for membership, please visit
or send an e-mail to

PLEASE NOTE: If your e-mail address does not readily identify you, or you are attempting to subscribe from a or address, you may be asked for further identification details. This is purely to ensure that we can maintain an abuse-free forum.

On acceptance, confirmation will be sent to you, together with details of how postings to the Group may be made.

The Group's mailings are available in either single message or digest forum, or you may opt to receive no messages at all, but read the activity from the YahooGroups web site. You are able to set your preferences once you have been subscribed.

The Group's Rules are few and simple:
1. The Group's Discussion is self-regulating;
2. Content of postings is monitored, rather than regulated;
3. In the event of there being posted material which, in the opinion of the Group Owner, is out of line, or abusive, or designed to provoke a 'flame war', the offending poster will be contacted off-list. Sanctions will be applied in the case of repeat occurrences.

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