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Since its founding in 1989, ACD has been the main organ of the Society. The Journal brings together scholarship and research on Conan Doyle's life and works, and features articles by scholars and enthusiasts from around the world, which look at all aspects of ACD's writings, from his short stories and historical writings, through to his non-fiction works on war and Spiritualism. The Journal also publishes a number of articles about Sherlock Holmes and his adventures—though the Society does not play the Sherlockian 'game' of pretending that the detective was a real person, with ACD merely the 'Literary Agent'.

Major contents of individual issues:

Vol. 1, No. 1 (September 1989): 'The Official Launch of The Arthur Conan Doyle Society'; Editorial; 'The Bravoes of Market Drayton'; Richard Lancelyn Green: 'Conan Doyle's Pocket Diary for 1889'; Nicholas Utechin: 'Agent, No Master'; Alvin E. Rodin & Jack D. Key: 'Behind The Times'; John L. Lellenberg: 'A Few Words from Arthur Conan Doyle'; David Stuart Davies: 'The Land of Shadows'; Christopher Roden: 'In Conversation With . . . Jeremy Brett'; Joe Cooper: 'ACD and the Cottingley Fairies'; Catherine Cooke: 'Conan Doyle and Homes'; Malcolm Payne: 'The Conan Doyle Establishment (U.K.); Kelvin I. Jones: 'The Psychical Doyle'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); 'A Literary Mosaic'.OUT OF PRINT

Vol. 1, No. 2 (March 1990): Editorial; Robert Barnard: 'Lest Men See Too Much At Once: A Note on the Narrative Art of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie'; Lionel E. Fredman: 'Oscar at Pondicherry Lodge'; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'Conan Doyle as a Historian—A Starting Point'; Christopher Roden: 'In Conversation With . . . Dame Jean Conan Doyle'; Geoffrey S. Stavert: 'Retrospect: Conan Doyle—His Life and Art by Hesketh Pearson'; Mark McPherson: 'The "Return" of Conan Doyle'; Roy Pilot and Alvin E. Rodin: 'The Lost World of Arthur Conan Doyle: Places, People and Pre-history'; Kelvin I. Jones: 'The Psychical Doyle. Part Two: An Evening in the Suburbs'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); 'A Literary Mosaic'. OUT OF PRINT

Vol. 1, No. 3 (September 1990): Editorial; Kathryn White: 'Review of To Keep the Memory Green'; David Stuart Davies: 'Re-creating Sherlock Holmes'; Michael Cox: 'Filming The Sign of Four'; J.R. Maltby: 'Sherlock Holmes and Anaesthesia'; Alvin E. Rodin & Jack D. Key: 'Conan Doyle as a Medical Student—One of the Ruck, or better?'; John D. Crouch: 'Dr Conan Doyle in Bloemfontein, Part One'; Thomas R. Tietze: 'The Other Worlds of Arthur Conan Doyle, Part One'; Kelvin I. Jones: 'The Psychical Doyle: The Medium and the Message'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); A Point of Contact (Letters). VERY SMALL STOCK STILL HELD

Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 1991): Editorial; Michael Doyle: 'I Know that Country, Holmes'; Christopher Roden & Alvin E. Rodin: 'Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr Elliot and Ruyton-XI-Towns'; Pierre Nordon: 'Art and the Blood'; John D. Crouch: 'Dr Conan Doyle in Bloemfontein, Part Two'; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'The Search for Sherlock'; Thomas R. Tietze: 'The Other Worlds of Arthur Conan Doyle, Part Two'; Hugh T. Harrington and Susan T. Harrington: 'On the Eye Colour of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Characters'; Michael W. Homer: 'Arthur Conan Doyle and his views on Mormonism: from A Study in Scarlet to The Edge of the Unknown; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); A Point of Contact (Letters). VERY SMALL STOCK STILL HELD

Volume 2, No. 2 (Autumn 1991): Editorial; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'The Mystery of The Mystery of Cloomber'; Christopher Roden: 'Conan Doyle and The Strand Magazine'; Jean Upton: 'The Reichenbach Falls 1891–1991'; John D. Crouch: 'Dr Conan Doyle in Bloemfontein, Part Three'; 'David Kirby of Rupert Books'; Elizabeth Wiggins: 'A Journey Through the Magic Door'; Kelvin I. Jones: 'The Psychical Doyle: In the Dark Room'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); A Point of Contact (Letters); 'Double Take?'. VERY SMALL STOCK STILL HELD

Volume 3 (1992): Editorial; Chris Redmond: 'The Word Made Famous'; Cameron Hollyer: 'Author to Editor'; Christopher Roden: 'What's In a Name?'; Dana Martin Batory: 'The Rime of the Pole-Star'; Barbara Roden: 'Fiery Passions and Icy Realms'; Harold Orel: 'Introduction to Critical Essays on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle'; Ronald S. White: 'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Pacific North-West'; 'A Weekend with Arthur Conan Doyle'; Chris Wills-Wood: 'Dr Conan Doyle, A Victorian Physician and Practitioner'; David Stuart Davies: 'Literature as a Milkcow'; Julian Symons: 'Conan Doyle Visits Tunbridge Wells'; Anne Jordan: 'Why Spiritualism?'; Joe Cooper: 'General Drayson's Eggs'; J. Victor Hamilton: 'Sir Arthur in Belfast'; Robert F. Fleissner: 'The Cask in The Catacomb'; John D. Crouch: 'Dr Conan Doyle and The Friend'; Clifford S. Goldfarb: 'An Untranslated Chapter'; Alvin E. Rodin & Jack D. Key: 'Our British Cousin'; Philip K. Wilson: 'Dear Price . . . Yours Sincerely, A. Conan Doyle', Kelvin I. Jones: 'The Psychical Doyle: Voices in the Air'; George Vanderburgh: 'The ACD Electronic Omnibus'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); A Point of Contact (Letters). OUT OF PRINT

Volume 4 (1993): Editorial; Collin Brooks: 'Conan Doyle and the Spirit of the Nineties'; J. Thomas Dalby: 'Sherlock Holmes's Cocaine Habit'; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: 'The Wild Geese'; Cameron Hollyer: 'Angels of Darkness'; Michael W. Homer: 'The Absence of Holmes: The Continuation of the Mormon Sub-Plot in Angels of Darkness'; Barbara Roden: 'Edinburgh ’93—Memories and Adventures'; Christopher Roden: '"Under the Brave Black Flag": The Captain Sharkey Stories of Arthur Conan Doyle'; C. Frederick Kittle: 'Down the Slopes with Conan Doyle at Davos'; Barbara Roden: 'Re Vampyres; Stephen L. Guinn: 'Sherlock Holmes is Dead: Not even his Spirit Lives'; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'Obituary: William Wallace Robson'; Harold Orel: 'Conan Doyle's Sense of Justice'; John Wesley Anderson: 'Sherlockian Theories'; A.E. Rodin, J.D. Key, and R. Pilot: 'Arthur Conan Doyle: The Consummate Spiritualist'; Christopher Roden: 'The Holborn Restaurant Luncheon'; Philip Weller: 'Conan Doyle and B-P'; Kelvin I. Jones: 'A Pair of Spiritists'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews). OUT OF PRINT

Volume 5 (1994): Editorial; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'Angels of Darkness and the Genesis of A Study in Scarlet'; Barbara Roden: 'Toronto 1994 revisited'; Clifford S. Goldfarb: 'Toast: "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Endruing Characters"'; C. Frederick Kittle: 'Toast: "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"'; Michael Doyle: 'Toast: "The Arthur Conan Doyle Society"'; Chris Redmond: 'After-Dinner Address to The Arthur Conan Doyle Society'; R. Dixon Smith: 'Feminism and the Role of Women in Conan Doyle's Domestic Novels'; Donald A. Redmond: 'Observing a Few More Trifles: Or, What Price Conan Doyle?'; Michael W. Homer: 'Arthur Conan Doyle: His Attitudes toward North America and Areas for Future Research'; Thomas R. Tietze: 'ACD's Last Bow: Themes, Ideas, and Values in The Edge of the Unknown and The Maracot Deep'; Michael A. Meer: 'The Lost World in Jurassic Park: A Study in Plagiarism?'; Dana Martin Batory & William A. S. Sarjeant: '"The Terror of Blue John Gap"—A Geological and Literary Study'; Doug Elliott: 'The Titanic Disaster: Letters to the Editor by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George Bernard Shaw'; Clifford Jiggens: 'Cricketing Days: The Game Conan Doyle loved most of all'; Derek Hinrich: 'Spedegue's Dropper: Sir Arthur's Cricketing Phenomenon'; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: 'The Greatest of Cricketes: An Appreciation of Dr Grace'; Christopher Roden: 'The Wanderers Tour of 1885'; Mikio Kawamura: 'Conan Doyle and Japan'; David G. Kirby: 'Collecting the Non-Sherlockian Works of Arthur Conan Doyle'; J.W. Scheideman: 'Silver Dove: John Keats's Poetry as an Influence on Thaddeius Sholto's "Oasis of Art" in The Sign of the Four'; Georgina M. Doyle: 'The Wild Geese'; Kelvin I. Jones: 'A Pair of Spiritists, Part Two'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews); Obituaries: Julian Symons, John Bennett Shaw, Peter Cushing. VERY SMALL STOCK STILL HELD

Volume 6 (1995): Editorial; Harold Orel: 'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and The White Company'; Michael W. Homer & Christopher Roden: 'The Movietone Interview: Arthur Conan Doyle'; Thomas R. Tietze: 'A Desert Drama: Conan Doyle's Sudan Adventure'; Michael Homer: 'Mr Conan Doyle goes to Feldkirch'; Clifford Jiggens: 'The Cricketers in Sherlock Holmes'; Derek Hinrich: 'Conan Doyle's Own: The Royal Mallow Fusiliers'; Clifford Jiggens: 'Conan Doyle of the M.C.C.'; John Whitehead: 'Gasconade: Conan Doyle's Brigadier Gerard'; Laurence Price: 'Feminists or femmes fatales?'; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'ACD—JGS: An Appreciation of Julian Symons'; R. Dixon Smith: 'Jeremy Brett: The Past as Prologue'; Michael W. Homer: '"Recent Psychic Evidence": The Visit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Utah in 1923'; Through the Magic Door (Reviews). VERY SMALL STOCK STILL HELD

Volume 7 (1996/7): Editorial; W.R. Trotter: Conan Doyle at Hindhead, 1895–1907'; Christopher Roden: 'Undershaw: Counting the Cost'; 'Undershaw as noted in The Windsor Magazine'; Laurence Price: 'Danger! Conan Doyle and the Submarine'; 'Literature'; Heiner Gillmeister: 'The Maloja Mystery, or the Case of the Living Pictures'; 'Conan Doyle at the Movies'; Catherine Cooke: 'Borrowed Sins'; Barbara Roden: 'The Mysterious Case of the Musgrave Ritual'; Paul M. Chapman: '"A Vampire Soul Behind a Lovely Face"'; 'Burlesque Conversations'; Thomas R. Tietze: 'The Land of Mist: Personal Reflections on Conan Doyle's "Failed Novel"'; 'Conan Doyle and Kingston Spiritualist Church'; Andrea Towle: 'Emanuel Swedenborg as a Proto-Spiritualist'; Obituary: Malcolm Roger Payne; Through the Magic Door (Reviews). VERY SMALL STOCK STILL HELD

Volume 8 (1998): Editorial; Notes and News; The Editor's Commonplace Book; Peter D. McDonald: 'The Adventures of the Literary Agent: Conan Doyle, A.P. Watt, Holmes and The Strand in 1891'; 'Air Commandant Dame Jean Conan Doyle 1912–1997'; Mark McPherson: 'Jean Conan Doyle: An Appreciation'; 'Dame Jean Conan Doyle's Will'; John Weber: 'The Films of Arthur Conan Doyle'; 'The Terror of Blue John Gap'; William A.S. Sarjeant: 'Concerning "The Terror" and Mr Weller'; Doug Wrigglesworth: 'The Friends of the ACD Collection'; Christopher Roden: 'Dear Miss Marjorie Bowen . . .'; Robert Barnard: 'The Black Doctor'; 'Conan Doyle's Religion'; Takashi Ishii: 'The Adventure of W.K. Burton in Japan'; 'Two Unrecorded Newspaper Reports'; Dana Batory & William A.S. Sarjeant: 'Sussex Iguanodon Footprints and the Writing of The Lost World'; 'Through the Magic Door': Reviews; Letters. STOCKS STILL HELD

Volume 9 (June 1999) (Tenth Anniversary Issue): Editorial; Owen Dudley Edwards: The Society's New President; Notes and News; The Editor's Commonplace Book; Owen Dudley Edwards: 'ACD 1989–1999'; Christopher Roden and Matthew Demakos: 'ACD's Correspondence with The Belgravia'; Dr Alvin E. Rodin; Greg Sullivan: 'Dr Al Rodin'; Alvin E. Rodin: 'Autoexperimentation with a Drug by Arthur Conan Doyle'; Joe Nickell: 'Davenport Brothers: Investigating the Houdini—Doyle Dispute'; 'Conan Doyle in Ghost Stories'; Arthur Conan Doyle: 'Houdini's Last Escape'; Horace Leaf: 'Conan Doyle's Last Words on Spiritualism'; Pierre Nordon in London; Douglas G. Greene: 'Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr'; 'Conan Doyle in The Daily Mail'; Barbara Rusch: 'The Doyle Family Obsession: A Fairy Tale'; Dr Margaret O'Sullivan: 'Conan Doyle and Bullet-Proof Clothing'; Through the Magic Door—Reviews; A Point of Contact: Letters to ACD; A Duet with an Occasional Chorus.

Volume 10 (May 2000): Editorial; Notes and News; The Editor's Commonplace Book; Thomas R. Tietze: A. Conan Doyle: Poet; John S. Partington: A Comparison of Arthur Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells in The Strand Magazine, 1891–1901'; Wladimir V. Bogomoletz: 'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Seven Visits to Paris'; Arthur Conan Doyle: 'Paris in 1894: A Superficial Impression'; Alan C. Olding: 'Howzat? An Investigation into the Dismissal of WGG by ACD'; Dana Martin Batory: 'Dating The Lost World; Through the Magic Door—Reviews; A Point of Contact—Letters to ACD; A Duet with an Occasional Chorus. STOCKS STILL HELD


Back issues of ACD may be ordered from the Society at P.O. Box 1360, Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada V0K 1A0, or by e-mail as at the heading of this page.

Each issue costs: Cdn$20.00 / US$15.00 / £10.00 (including postage).

The Society is unable to supply copies of Journals now out of print. It is possible that odd copies of out of print Journals may be held by Rupert Books.


The Society will provide photocopies of articles from out of print Journals whenever possible.

The cost is Cdn$2.50 / US$1.65 / £1.25 per page (letter size), including postage.



Prior to 1991, only one Conan Doyle manuscript had been reproduced in facsimile form; that for 'The Priory School'. When two Sherlockian manuscripts ('The Dying Detective' and 'The Lion's Mane') were deposited with the Sherlock Holmes Collection at Marylebone Library, the time was right to make further manuscript facsimiles available. The Society was fortunate in working closely with Catherine Cooke at Marylebone Library to produce the first of the two manuscripts, 'The Dying Detective' in 1991. The Society's first President, the late Julian Symons, contributed the Introduction to this volume, and Owen Dudley Edwards provided an Afterword.



'When Conan Doyle was standing as the Liberal-Unionist candidate for Central Edinburh in October 1900, he was invited to be the guest of honour at the Burns Club Dinner. It was held on 23 March 1901, having been deferred in January because of Queen Victoria's death. Conan Doyle proposed the main toast, 'The Immortal Memory', and his speech was warmly applauded. The chairman afterwards announced that it had been suggested to him that the speech should be printed "in a form that could be bound up with the menu card" and that he would bring the idea before the Council of the Club at the earliest opportunity.' (From A Bibliography of A. Conan Doyle)

To commemorate its weekend conference in Edinburgh, 19–21 March 1993, the Society reprinted Conan Doyle's speech, 'The Immortal Memory', in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies, in cream card covers. The speech was read aloud at the Dinner on the Saturday evening of the weekend by Mr Roger Mullin. OUT OF PRINT


In preparation for its first International Conference in Toronto in May 1994, the Society reprinted Conan Doyle's account of his visit to North America in 1914. Western Wanderings had been published serially in the Cornhill Magazine between January and April 1915, and in four separate booklets printed to secure American copyrights. Some use was made of the material from the various articles for the chapter 'To the Rocky Mountains', which appeared in the first edition of Conan Doyle's autobiography Memories and Adventures, but no collected edition had ever been published.

Lengthy introductory material for this volume was provided by Christopher & Barbara Roden, and photographs from Conan Doyle's own scrapbooks were provided by Richard Lancelyn Green. Western Wanderings was printed in a limited, numbered edition of 150 copies. Casebound. OUT OF PRINT


One of Conan Doyle's engagements during his 1914 visit to Canada was to address the Canadian Club in Montréal on 4 June. This 2000-word speech was reproduced in a white card-covered booklet to coincide with the Toronto conference in 1994. It was issued in a printing of 125 numbered copies.

PRICE: Cdn$9.00 / US$7.00 / Rest of World: £5.00 / US$8.00 (including postage)


As part of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London's Back to Baker Street Festival in 1994, the Society unveiled a plaque it had sponsored, through City of Westminster's green plaque scheme: a plaque to be sited on the building in which ACD conducted his ophthalmic practice in 1891—but which building was it?

In Memories and Adventures Conan Doyle had mentioned the address as being 2 Devonshire Place—a building which the current occupier had re-named Conan Doyle House. But, as preparations were advancing, it became clear that the true location was, in fact, 2 Upper Wimpole Street.

In Conan Doyle of Wimpole Street, Richard Lancelyn Green traces the history behind the confusion, and clarifies matters once and for all. It is a detective story worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself.

This white card-covered booklet is illustrated with photographs and a map, and there are additional contributions from Anthony D. Howlett and Barbara and Christopher Roden

PRICE: Cdn$9.00 / US$7.00 / Rest of World: £5.00 / US$8.00 (including postage)


A REGIMENTAL SCANDAL (A Manuscript Facsimile)
Through the generosity of Mr Wilfrid de Freitas, the Society was able to make available the first facsimile of a non-Sherlockian manuscript.

The manuscript is interesting, as it shows ACD writing his story on notepaper headed '12 Tennison Road, South Norwood'. It also shows that the story's original title was to have been 'The Major's Card'.

The fascinating Introduction to this volume was provided by Richard Lancelyn Green, and this is supplemented by a reproduction of the original woodcut illustration from the story's appearance in The Seattle Post Intelligencer in 1892.

Casebound in an edition of 150 copies. A further 12 copies were issued in quarter-bound leather, with marbled boards

A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF COPIES STILL AVAILABLE: Please visit Calabash Press for details.


When, in late 1994, Society member Michael Halewood casually showed us a letter written by Conan Doyle, we had little diea how important a letter it was. The letter had been acquired in a batch of archival material from the publisher Cassell in the mid-1980s, and was a request from ACD to use two stories which had previously been published in the 'Saturday Journal'. The first story was well enough known: 'John Barrington Cowles'. The second, however, was unknown as a story by Conan Doyle. He referred to it as 'The Bloodstone'.

Mike Halewood's detective work traced that to an unattributed story which appeared in Cassell's Saturday Journal on 16 February 1884: 'The Blood-Stone Tragedy: A Druidical Story'.

The Society's publication of the story was, therefore, the first time it had appeared with its full attribution, and the production, not surprisingly, sold out quickly. The edition of 150 casebound copies was edited by Christopher & Barbara Roden, and featured an Afterword by Owen Dudley Edwards. OUT OF PRINT


Late in the 1870s, the young Arthur Conan Doyle submitted a ghost story, 'The Haunted Grange of Goresthorpe', to Blackwood's Magazine in Edinburgh. It was never published, and Conan Doyle seems to have believed it had been destroyed. Certainly Blackwood's never returned his manuscript, which remained in their files until the company's archives were presented to The National Library of Scotland in 1942. History reminds us that Conan Doyle went on to greater things, not least the creation of master detective Sherlock Holmes; but the name Goresthorpe Grange remained in his mind, and he was later to use it in another story, 'Selecting a Ghost', which appeared in 1883—a few short years after composition of the 'lost' story.

By arrangement with the copyright holders and The National Library of Scotland, The Arthur Conan Doyle Society was pleased to present the first publication of 'The Haunted Grange of Goresthorpe'.

This historic editon, the first wholly unpublished story by Arthur Conan Doyle to appear in seventy years, features the complete text of the story, prefatory remarks by Charles Foley and Ian D. McGowan, Librarian of The National Library of Scotland; a comprehensive introduction by Owen Dudley Edwards; and an afterword by Christopher Roden.

Casebound, with dust wrapper. Published in an edition of 500 copies. OUT OF PRINT


THE PARISH MAGAZINE was the news magazine of The Arthur Conan Doyle Society, appearing at regular intervals from June 1989 to January 1997, fifteen issues in all. From May 1993 (#8) until January 1997 (#15), THE PARISH MAGAZINE was issued in card covers. The magazine featured news, notes, short articles, and reviews, and supplemented the main Journal, ACD.

A number of back issues of THE PARISH MAGAZINE are still available, as follows:

#3: 2 copies
#4: 2 copies
#7: 2 copies
#10: 10 copies
#11: 10 copies
#13: 35 copies
#14: 25 copies
#15: 34 copies

They are taking up valuable space, so, on a first-come, first-served basis, copies are available at Cdn$2 /US$1.50 / £1.00 each, plus postage. Please enquire by e-mail to

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