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by R. H. Malden
with an Introduction
by David G. Rowlands

ISBN: 1-899562-07-9; xiv + 123pp
Published 15 December 1995 in an edition of 300 copies

Richard Henry Malden (1879–1951), Vicar of Headingley, Leeds, and later, until the end of his life, Dean of Wells Cathedral, knew M.R. James for more than thirty years, and greatly admired his friend's ghost stories. The stories in Nine Ghosts, Malden's only collection of supernatural fiction, were intended as a tribute to James's memory. In the half-century that has elapsed since the book's first publication, however, Malden has emerged as more than merely an imitator of James's style, and is now regarded as one of the finest ghost story writers of the century.

Jacket illustration by Rachel A. Crittenden.

Contents: Introduction by David G. Rowlands; 'A Collector's Company'; 'The Dining-Room Fireplace'; 'Stivinghoe Bank'; 'The Sundial'; 'Between Sunrise and Moonrise'; 'The Blank Leaves'; 'The Thirteenth Tree'; 'The Coxswain of the Lifeboat'; 'The Priest's Brass'.

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