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by L. T. C. Rolt
with an Introduction
by Christopher Roden
and an Afterword by Hugh Lamb

ISBN: 1-899562-09-5; xx + 171pp
Published 8 January 1996 in an edition of 400 copies

Mine shafts, foundries, canals, and railway tunnels are not usually associated with ghosts, but all of these unusual settings are brought into play by L.T.C. Rolt in Sleep No More, his highly effective collection of stories which was first published in 1948.

Tom Rolt was an engineering historian, whose many book credits include biographies of Thomas Telford and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, as well as the highly-acclaimed Red for Danger, a history of railway accidents and railway safety.

Rolt's first book, Narrow Boat, a classic in its own right, tells of his love for Britain's canals, a love which led to his involvement with the Inland Waterways Association.

His knowledge of Britain's industrial past and his love for the countryside around him are very evident in this collection, which includes two stories not included in the original edition and also Rolt's essay 'The Passing of the Ghost Story'. Rolt takes us on a haunted tour of the world he knew well—from Cornwall to Wales, and from the hill country of Shropshire to the west coast of Ireland—in tales which are guaranteed to make you Sleep No More.

Jacket and interior illustrations by Paul Lowe.

Contents: Introduction by Christopher Roden; 'The Mine'; 'The Cat Returns'; 'Bosworth Summit Pound'; 'New Corner'; 'Cwm Garon'; 'A Visitor at Ashcombe'; 'The Garside Fell Disaster'; 'World's End'; 'Hear Not My Steps'; 'Agony of Flame'; 'Hawley Bank Foundry'; 'Music Hath Charms'; 'The Shouting'; 'The House of Vengeance'; 'The Passing of the Ghost Story'; 'L.T.C. Rolt and Two Ghost Stories' by Hugh Lamb.

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