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by Eleanor Scott
with an Introduction
by Richard Dalby

ISBN: 1-899562-08-7; xvi + 143pp
Published 16 February 1996 in an edition of 400 copies

Eleanor Scott has vanished into almost as much obscurity as her 1929 collection of ghost stories, which has been described as ‘rare but superlative’, and which figures highly on the wants lists of many ghost story collectors. The nine tales in the collection were all inspired by dreams, and in her foreword the author hopes that they will have lost none of their terror in the translation from dream to story. She need not have worried: this is one of the best and most chilling collections of ghost stories ever written. Introduced by Richard Dalby, with a cover illustration by Douglas Walters, and four photographs of the elusive author.

Contents: Introduction by Richard Dalby; ‘Randalls Round’; ‘The Twelve Apostles’; ‘Celui-là’; ‘The Room’; ‘The Cure’; ‘The Tree’; ‘At Simmel Acres Farm’; ‘"Will Ye No’ Come Back Again?"’; ‘The Old Lady’.

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