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by S. Baring-Gould
with an Introduction
by Richard Dalby

ISBN: 1-899562-19-2; xxii + 309pp
Published 8 November 1996 in an edition of 400 copies

A Book of Ghosts, first published in 1904, was only one of the more than 150 books written by Sabine Baring-Gould, who was fascinated by curious myths, tales, folklore, and the supernatural throughout his life. A handful of stories from the volume has been reprinted over the last ninety years, but this is the first time that the book has been reprinted in full, with the original illustrations by D. Murray Smith. It also contains two further supernatural tales by Baring-Gould, both of which were published after A Book of Ghosts, and one of which has never appeared in book form before. This edition also features a long and comprehensive Introduction by Richard Dalby, and a cover illustration by Douglas Walters.

Contents: Introduction by Richard Dalby; 'Jean Bouchon'; 'Pomps and Vanities'; 'McAlister'; 'The Leaden Ring'; 'The Mother of Pansies'; 'The Red-haired Girl'; 'A Professional Secret'; 'H.P.'; 'Glámr'; 'Colonel Halifax's Ghost Story'; 'The Merewigs'; 'The Bold Venture'; 'Mustapha'; 'Little Joe Gander'; 'A Dead Finger'; 'Black Ram'; 'A Happy Release'; 'The 9.30 Up-train'; 'On the Leads'; 'Aunt Joanna'; 'The White Flag'; 'A Dead Man's Teeth'; 'The Old Woman of Wesel'.

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