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by Amyas Northcote
with an Introduction
by Richard Dalby
and a Bibliographical Tailpiece
by Jack Adrian

ISBN: 1-899562-21-4; xiv + 149pp
Published 23 February 1997 in an edition of 500 copies (* the limitation statement in the book states an edition of 400 copies; this is incorrect).

First published in 1921, In Ghostly Company is the only work of fiction by Amyas Northcote, a contemporary of M.R. James at Eton. It is a must for any lover of classic English ghost stories, and is one of the strongest collections of tales to be published during the ‘golden age’ of ghost stories. Among the thirteen tales are such classics as ‘Brickett Bottom’, in which a nameless horror haunts a peaceful English country garden, and ‘The Late Mrs Fowke’, in which a timid cleric realises that his wife is dabbling in devil-worship. This volume contains an Introduction by Richard Dalby, who provides the fullest account to date of the author’s life, and an Afterword by Jack Adrian, who writes that the book is ‘a prime collection, and one that ought to have been critically celebrated over the years’.

Jacket art by Deborah McMillion-Nering.

Contents: Introduction by Richard Dalby; ‘Brickett Bottom’; ‘Mr Kershaw and Mr Wilcox’; ‘In the Woods’; ‘The Late Earl of D.’; ‘Mr Mortimer’s Diary’; ‘The House in the Wood’; ‘The Young Lady in Black’; ‘The Downs’; ‘The Late Mrs Fowke’; ‘The Picture’; ‘The Governess’s Story’; ‘Mr Oliver Carmichael’; A Bibliographical Tailpiece by Jack Adrian.

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