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by M. P. Dare
with an Introduction
by Reg Meuross

ISBN: 1-899562-23-0; xvi + 157pp
Published 24 April 1997 in an edition of 500 copies

‘These tales are fiction—and yet not fiction,’ wrote M.P. Dare in his introduction to his only collection of ghost stories, published in 1947. ‘They are all founded upon actual experiences of the author in the realms of the uncanny.’ Dare is a uniquely original voice, and his stories are like no others: some set out to chill the blood, while others are fantastic or humorous. This edition contains all thirteen stories from the original volume, as well as Dare’s 1961 article, ‘Ghosts I Have Met’; the chapter ‘Beyond the Veil’ from his rare book, Indian Underworld, which discusses supernatural experiences the author went through or heard of during his time in India; a rare photograph of the author; and several of his sketches. The Introduction is by Reg Meuross, and the jacket illustration is taken from a painting by Dare himself.

Contents: Introduction by Reg Meuross; ‘Unholy Relics’; ‘The Haunted Drawers’; ‘A Nun’s Tragedy’; ‘A Forgotten Italian’; ‘Fatal Oak’; ‘The Demoniac Goat’; ‘The Nymph Still Lives’; ‘The Beam’; ‘The Haunted Helmet’; ‘The Officer’s Coat’; ‘Borgia Pomade’; ‘An Abbot’s Magic’; ‘"Bring Out Your Dead"’; ‘Beyond the Veil’; ‘Ghosts I Have Met’.

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