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by H. R. Wakefield
with an Introduction
by Barbara Roden
and a Bibliographical Note
by Jack Adrian

ISBN: 1-899562-26-5; xiv + 185pp
Published 30 June 1997 in an edition of 500 copies

This 1931 volume was the third collection of stories by Wakefield within four years. An extremely rare book, it contains thirteen stories, seven of which are supernatural, and which include such classic weird tales as ‘Frontier Guards’, ‘Day-Dream in Macedon’, and ‘Damp Sheets’. In addition to an Introduction by Barbara Roden, and a jacket illustration by Paul Lowe, the volume contains a bibliographical Afterword by Jack Adrian, in which he discusses Wakefield’s fictional output, early editions of his work, and a very puzzling question: if, as the author states, he had more than one hundred ghost stories published during his life, where are the other thirty stories, never collected in any of his books and never traced to any magazines or newspapers?

Jacket art by Paul Lowe.

Contents: Introduction by Barbara Roden; ‘Imagine a Man in a Box’; ‘Mr Bellows, the Monkey and the Turtle’; ‘The Central Figure’; ‘The Swimease’; ‘Day-Dream in Macedon’; ‘The Sun in their Eyes’; ‘Frontier Guards’; ‘The Only Way Out’; ‘The Lazaroid’; ‘Epilogue by Roger Bantock’; ‘Corporal Humpit of the 4th Musketeers’; ‘The Inevitable Flaw’; ‘Damp Sheets’; ‘H.R. Wakefield: Bibliographical Bafflements’ by Jack Adrian.

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