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by Marjorie Bowen
edited, with an Introduction,
by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

ISBN: 1-899562-49-4; xl + 263pp
Published 29 May 1998 in an edition of 500 copies

Marjorie Bowen (1885–1952) was an extraordinarily prolific writer whose work is inexplicably neglected. That she is remembered primarily as a distinguished historical novelist (indeed, Hugh Walpole called her the greatest historical novelist England had produced in a generation), vastly underrates the quality of her supernatural fiction, which holds its own in any comparison with the readily acknowledged masters of the genre.

Twilight and Other Supernatural Romances is the first major collection of Bowen's supernatural tales to be published since Arkham House's Kecksies and Other Twilight Tales (1976), this new collection offering a completely original selection of stories.

A diverse repertoire is on offer here, from the particularly repulsive Madam Spitfire to the boasting spirit of Gabriel Letourneau, who is eventually unmasked by one of the sitters with whom he communicates at a sťance. Also included in the collection are the novella Julia Roseingrave and two previously unpublished stories, 'The Recluse and Springtime' and 'Vigil'.

The volume is completed by an Afterword from Marjorie Bowen's own pen, in which she describes a ghostly experience of her own.

Twilight and Other Supernatural Romances is the first of two Ash-Tree Press collections of Marjorie Bowen's supernatural fiction. The volume is edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and has a preface by the author's son, Hilary Long.

Jacket art by Deborah McMillion Nering.

Contents: Preface: 'Marjorie Bowen 1885–1952. Some Random Recollections by one of her sons'; Introduction by Jessica Amanda Salmonson; 'Dark Ann'; 'The Last Bouquet'; 'Madam Spitfire'; 'The Lady Clodagh'; 'Decay'; 'The Fair Hair of Ambrosine'; 'Ann Mellor's Lover'; 'Giudetta's Wedding Night'; 'Twilight'; 'The Burning of the Vanities'; 'A Stranger Knocked'; 'They Found My Grave'; 'Brent's Folly'; 'The Confession of Beau Sekforde'; 'The Recluse and Springtime'; 'Vigil'; 'Julia Roseingrave'; Author's Afterword: 'A Ghostly Experience: The Presence of Evil'.

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