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by E. Nesbit
edited by Hugh Lamb

ISBN: 1-55310-005-0; xv + 225pp
Published 15 June 2000


Edith Nesbit is today best known for her works for children: her 1906 novel The Railway Children is a classic of the genre. Yet Nesbit had a much darker side, which revealed itself in her tales of terror and the supernatural. Most of these tales were written before the author established herself as a writer of children's stories, and were soon overshadowed, to be nearly forgotten—with one or two exceptions—for almost one hundred years.

In 1988, Hugh Lamb edited In the Dark for the Equation Chillers series, and has now added a further seven stories for this expanded edition. Included are such famous tales as 'Man-Size in Marble' and 'John Charrington's Wedding', along with less well known—but equally chilling—stories of the supernatural and the macabre. In Nesbit's twilight world, the dead return from the grave; scientists pursue knowledge to the gates of death—and beyond; souls are bartered to the Devil in exchange for one last wish; a casual wager leads to madness; and a seemingly harmless maker of models exacts a terrible price for a wrong done years before.

In his introduction, Hugh Lamb examines the colourful life of Edith Nesbit, painting a portrait of a woman whose unconventional life set her apart from her Victorian and Edwardian contemporaries in the ghost story genre. He also looks at some of the events and experiences which may have inspired Nesbit's supernatural fiction—events which, in the author's words, gave her 'nights and nights of anguish and horror, long years of bitterest fear and dread'.

CONTENTS: Introduction by Hugh Lamb; Man-Size in Marble; Uncle Abraham's Response; From the Dead; The Haunted Inheritance; The Three Drugs; The Letter in Brown Ink; The Violet Car; John Charrington's Wedding; No. 17; The Pavilion; The House of Silence; The Mystery of the Semi-Detached; In the Dark; The Head; The Ebony Frame; Hurst of Hurstcote; The Five Senses; The Haunted House; The Shadow; The Detective; The Power of Darkness.

Jacket art is by Richard Lamb. Limited to 500 copies.

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